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Currently under construction, this is the official site for the Bangles/Susanna Hoffs Fanzine.

California Gurls
Denise's awesome Banglepage!

Maya Segal's Bangles Page
This page belongs to Maya "chif" Segal and has many pictures of the group and even contains the first VRML Bangles Page!

Susanna Hoffs Home Page @ Web1000
This well done page is entirely devoted to Susanna Hoffs.

Tell Me
The Susanna Hoffs Fanzine site.

Dee's Susanna Hoffs Site
Another cool site devoted to Susanna Hoffs

The Bangles Fandom
Another great site that focuses on The Bangles

The Bangles Collective
THEE Banglefan's Banglepage.

Die deutsch/englische Banglesite
I'm going down to Germany to do nothing.....
Except read the most informative German Banglewebsite!
(Ok, so I'm only gonna look at the

Les Bangles
French Bangles site

Bangles Page
This Bangles page includes some cool pics of some of the older Bangles albums.

Paginas em Ingles
... And yet, more of The Bangles from fans outside the U.S.!

Bangles Boulevard
This informative page by Autumn includes tidbits on The Bangles

More great tidbits and links to Bangles/Susanna Hoffs and other girl bands.

Bangle's Online
A new and colorful tribute page to The Bangles

The Bangles / Susanna Hoffs Links Page
This is a great page to start searching for pages involving The Bangles or Susanna Hoffs

The Bangles Files
"The Truth Is Out There"

Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
Ming Tea. Shagadelic, baby!

Stars et Starlettes: Susanna Hoffs
Susanna Hoffs links from an attractive looking French website.

The Bangles/Susanna Hoffs Site (?)
This is probably not the official name. It's under construction, but it is apparently the first Bangles/Susanna Hoffs site to have domain names! Keep checking this link for more updates!

Bangles Fandom (New Location!)
This is the new location for The Bangles Fandom site. Disregard the old URL - this is the new location.

A Different Light
A new Bangles dedication site.

The Bangles - Eternal Flame
Another new Bangles site (in English & Dutch) which looks to be very extravagant.

The Official Linda Chorney Page
Unrelated to Susanna Hoffs, but this is my other fan site and is devoted to my cousin, Linda. Another very talented performer.

(formerly) Psychedelic Psalms
One disillusioned Banglefan's ex-fansite....

This Crash & Burn site owned by Darkweaver.
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