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What's New?

5/15/04 - Chat with Sue? YESSSSSSSS!! at loooooong last, it WILL happen!! On Return Post, Your ONLY Place For Bangles, Tuesday, May 18, 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time (6:30 p.m. EST) in RP's "Gurls Room" forum! (as my luck would have it, I'd be too nervous to think up a question...Oh

4/15/04 - Just a couple of new pics posted....Slowly but surely this site is getting a change or two....

8/22/03 - The end of Darkweaver's Susanna Hoffs Page? Not if I can help it...Stay tuned!!

8/25/99 - Just a reminder. The Allnighter has been re-released and the DVD version includes the short film, "The Haircut" which was written and directed by Tamar Simon Hoffs.

8/11/99 - The Allnighter Re-released!
MCA Home Video is re-releasing The Allnighter on VHS and DVD August 24th! This is the feature film that stars Susanna Hoffs and was directed by Tamar Simon Hoffs, her mother. For more information on this release, go to and check it out.

8/9/99 - Susanna Hoffs Trivia/Polls
I have added a new section where you can test knowledge of Susanna or take a survey. There will be a new trivia or a poll every month. Come and check it out.

8/3/99 - Something is brewing on the Internet! Apparently, the domain names and have recently been registered (as of the 27th of July) and are currently under construction. Be prepared! This may be the new Official Website of The Bangles and Susanna!

7/24/99 - Renovations!
This site is undergoing some major renovations. I felt it was time to give the site a new look and feel. There's still more new features to come, so keep checking.

7/23/99 - The second Austin Powers II album is supposedly scheduled for October and will feature "Get The Girl" by The Bangles, exclusively perfomed for the movie.
I have also been featured in Net4TV Voice. To view the article, click here. A special thanks to Scott Hoagland for the honor. (new site's owner's note 9/12/03: Apparently, Steve has left Susanna for Fran, which in all fairness, is all well and good and I wish him well...)

6/17/99 - "Throw me some frick'n news..."
Austin Powers 2 was a huge success, surpassing even Star Wars: The Phantom Menace on opening day. The Bangles song, "Get The Girl" can only be heard for approximately 30 seconds near the end of the film, unfortunately. Susanna Hoffs is given special thanks in the ending credits. For those who do not know, Austin Powers and Austin Powers 2 was directed by Susanna's husband, Jay Roach. Congratulations on their success!

5/30/99 - Great News! This Just In!:
Los Angeles Times Sunday Calendar, May 30th, pg. 56 "The Bangles, still mulling a possible full-sale reunion, will give their first performance together since 1989 with an appearance at the tribute to George Martin at the Hollywood Bowl on June 25, featuring the former Beatles producer conducting the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and various guest pop performers."

5/11/99 - Bangles Reunion!
Well, Star Wars is not the only comeback we'll see from the 80's. It has been confirmed that Susanna, Michael, Vicki and Debbi are reunited and will have a song of the upcoming movie, Austin Powers II: The Spy Who Shagged Me." Check out the L.A. Times website for more details on this breaking event!
(Note: This article is no longer available as of 7/23/99)

3/31/99 - Susanna's new album delayed?
It appears that Susanna's next album, which was scheduled for release this spring, has unfortunately been delayed until next year. On the positive side, however, there are rumors that Susanna, Michael, Debbi and Vicki are talking about a project together which means there may possibly be a Bangles reunion. Keep your fingers crossed and keep checking back for updates.

1/17/99 - Happy Birthday, Sue! Today marks Susanna Hoffs' 40th birthday! She's still as beautiful as ever!
I added some new pictures, courtesy of Denise. There's still more to come!

12/24/98 - I would like to wish everyone happy holidays. Click here to see The Bangles Holiday picture from the fan club, "Bangles 'n' Mash." In the meantime, I added a couple new links to other Susanna Hoffs/Bangles sites.

12/18/98 - Welcome to my Susanna Hoffs page. This site is finally coming along. I hope to have more, including information and links to the other sites devoted to both Susanna Hoffs and The Bangles.